I was half way through Episode 5 of binge watching Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix when my cell phone rang.  It was Hailey Sole, or Camper Amy, from Wet Hot American Summer, Criminal Minds and Private Practice.

Hailey mentioned that she was also on Episode 5 and we had to compare notes, so I had to ask, “Do you and Kevin get together on the show?”  Camper Amy and Kevin seem to have a slight crush on each other, so I just had to know.

“So you for sure want me to spoil it for you? I want to make sure you aren’t going to be mad,” Hailey said in a very sweet voice.  I begged because Yes!  I wanted to know.

“Well, I [Camper Amy] do have a tiny crush on [Camper] Kevin,” Hailey said providing me with the spoiler I had begged for, “but it ends up not working out and I [my character] just don’t end up liking him, but no, not by the end of the first day.  It’s a little sad but it’s kind of funny.” I was disappointed but I asked for it, “I don’t end up with [the other kid] but something does happen with him.”

Spoiler Alert, it’s called ‘Seven Minutes of Heaven’ on the show.

Originally from Texas, this 13 year old actress began acting at the tender age of 6 years old when she landed the role of Betsey Parker on Private Practice.  “I always wanted to act since I was like able to speak but I officially started when I was six,” Hailey said.   She then went on to star as Meghan Callahan on Criminal Minds and now she’s landed the role of Camper Amy on the new Netflix series, Wet Hot American Summer, the First Day of Camp.

Set in the 80s, First Day of Camp is the prequel to the WHAS Last Day of Camp, 2001’s hilarious satirical romantic comedy starring Amy Poehler, Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde-Pierce, Bradley Cooper, Molly Shannon and a host of other actors that would eventually go on to great things.  This would be the second time Hailey as worked with Amy Poehler, her first would be on Parks and Rec.

(Photo credit: Kenda Benward)
(Photo credit: Kenda Benward)

She’s honestly one of the best people I’ve ever worked with,” beamed Hailey, “she’s so much fun, so funny and the thing that really stood out to me is that the first time I met her – you know I was pretty little and I had no idea who she even was – but I just knew that my parents were like, “oh did you know Amy Poehler’s in this?” and I was like, “NO! Who is that?”  [Giggles]

“She actually came up and introduced herself to me and then throughout the show she was like just having a lot of fun with us kids,” Hailey continued, “on the show and it was really cool because like if the director calls “cut” they could choose to just ignore the rest of the cast, but none of the actors on the show did and they were are really nice and that was really cool.”

In 2001, when the original WHAS was filmed, two years before Sole was born, set in a time period twenty years prior to her birth, most of the actors were relative unknowns or SNL cast members, so when she got the part, Hailey explained, “I got the call saying I got it and I’m like totally “Oh great, what is Wet Hot American Summer?” Hailey laughed, “And I just didn’t know so I looked it up and I was like OMG this is a huge cast and I had no idea and then I was like super excited and it was embarrassing that I didn’t realize that.”

Filmed over the course of a month in the late California winter sun, Hailey said, “We were filming during winter, which was interesting, because we were all in short shorts and t-shirts and it was freezing cold. “  But it was worth it because of the fun she said she had on the set.

“They are all comediennes so it was just so much fun and everyone was always laughing and there was never a time when there was someone not laughing, there was always jokes being told and it was just a fun set and even though they are all really famous now, they still came up and introduced themselves to us campers and we got to talk with some of them.”

So what has she been working on since then?  “School” I’m working on staying focused, going into high school and then going out on auditions during the summer, so I’m waiting for something else to happen,” Sole, whose heading into the 9th grade remarked,  “I’m really excited, my school is k-12 so I know a lot of the high schoolers because it’s the same campus.”

Focusing on her school also allows her to plan for the future and college, “I want to go to UCLA for my undergrad because it’s a state school and it won’t cost as much.” She eventually wants to get her MBA from Stanford, so she has set a high bar for herself.

(Photo Credit Netflix)
(Photo Credit Netflix)

Besides school, Hailey is also involved in a charity called Help All Transients [HAT] which collects donations and distributes them in skid row.  “They [HAT] get tons of supplies donated to them and we go down to skid row and we provide people with sleeping bags and clothes, hygiene products, food and other stuff they need.”
Sole said, “A lot of us are lucky and we have so many things that others don’t and its great to step back and help someone else.”

Still a typical teen, she binge watches Netflix, listens to Taylor Swift and hopes that one day she will get to star in either an action film or a John Greene adaptation.  “I would love to be in any movie based off of a book written by John Greene,” Sole said, “because I think he is an amazing author and he writes these heart wrenching stories and it would be so much fun to work with him.”

Until then, she truly loves to act, “I actually really do [enjoy acting] and sometimes kids are like forced by their parents into something but that’s so not the case for me.  I just actually love to act and it’s so much fun that I enjoy it so much.”

Wet Hot American Summer released to Netflix on July 31, 2015