The Five minute gift that beats all other resolutions

For most people in America the new year brings a sense of renewal as we hope for a fresh start, but often there is the problem of being too stressed, tired, anxious or depressed to truly let the new sink in. Some look to a vigil of prayer, intense devotional or long hours working out to chime in the progress of soon to be ill faded resolutions for the dawning in of the new year. Many times these resolutions leave us feeling like failures after giving up or not starting at all. This year could be a gift to you in 5 minutes that you can set aside in the morning as you wake, in the evening just before bed, or any moment in between.

So your running out the door, kids in tow behind you and a list of things to get done. you realize a mile from your house that you forgot the report for the meeting you are already late for and decide to turn around and retrieve it. By the time you get to work the meeting has either passed or been rescheduled and your absence has been noted. Ahead of you is a laundry list a mile long of things you have to get done before leaving work, but that’s okay because you have to stay late to make up for your arrival time. After work you still have to pick up the kids, make dinner, fold the laundry and finish the work you where forced to abandon earlier in the day. By the time its all over you have just enough energy to crawl into bed, only to start all over again in a few hours. No wonder resolutions never really work out.

All of that aside, how do you feel right now? Are you stressed? Tired? Maybe just the thought of life after this article is so daunting that you hope this article goes on forever.

So close your eyes and imagine you are in your favorite place ever. It doesn’t matter if thats the bathroom in the house you grew up in, or a beach side resort in paradise. Take a long slow breath in counting to five, feel your rib cage expand and imagine a pure white light filling your body. Hold your breath for a few seconds and breath out slowly through your mouth imagining all of those burdens as a darkness escaping through your mouth.

How do you feel now? You have just discovered the secret to a healthier life, and wasn’t it easy. According to Mayo Clinic, Meditation is a great tool for gaining clarity in stressful situations as well as creating new skills to handle stress, reducing negative emotions and may even help aid people with certain medical conditions.

If your skeptical or think that its witchcraft, most religions actually promote meditation. Think, all those times in the Old Testament where it says Selah, it is actually saying meditate on this. The best part of meditating is that it cost nothing, just find a place to sit close your eyes and you are good to go, though you may want to download a meditation app with soothing music or free guides if your just starting out.